General Human Trafficking Warning Signs


General Human Trafficking Warning Signs

Victims of Human Trafficking May Look Like Many People.

Human Trafficking involves using force or coercion to control their victims and victims often exhibit one or more of the following indicators:

False or no ID

Lying about age or name

Possesses hotel room keys or hotel cards

Injuries, bruises, or signs of physical abuse they are reluctant to explain

Extreme weight loss

Suicide or drug overdose attempts

Sexually-explicit profiles on social networking sites

Branding or other signs of physical assault: broken bones, black eyes, rope burns on  wrists, neck, or ankles

Tattooing to show possession eg: Daddy, barcode, trafficker’s name

Not enrolled in school or numerous school absences

Inability or fear of making eye contact

Inconsistencies in stories

Exhaustion, fear, anxiety, depression, PTSD

Substance use and abuse

Pagers, GPS/tracking devices, &/ or cell phones not purchased by parents

Fear or submission of another person( often an older male)

Cannot speak for themselves

Not in control of their own money

Unable or unwilling to give local address or information about parents and/or doesn’t know what city she/he is in.

“Dating ” much older men

Recurrent sexually-transmitted infections or diseases (STIs/ STDs) or need for pregnancy tests

Disappears or runs away for long periods of time

Involved in foster care or child protective services

Increase in mental health symptoms

Refers to frequent travel to other cities

Demonstrates a sudden change in attire, behavior, or material possessions ( e.g., obtains expensive items not purchased by parents)

Makes references to sexual situations that are beyond age-specific norms

Engages in promiscuous behavior for his/her age