Upcoming Events

JAN. 20:  Watermark Giveback Night.

JAN. 23:  Alpact Meeting, 9:30am (Task Force members welcome to represent us, Cathy will be in Lansing).

JAN. 25: Van Buren Tech students to show “Break the Chain” and fund raise, 4pm

JAN. 29: Niles Library Presentation, 6:30pm (1-­‐hr presentation)

JAN. 30: Pizza with a Purpose – Silver Beach Pizza Giveback night.

FEB. 1: National Freedom Day

FEB. 7: Present to Riverwood Staff

FEB. 8: Present to Lt. Campbell’s LMC Class

FEB. 16: Task Force Meeting Area Agency on Aging 12:00 pm.

FEB. 21-23: Present to Elementary, Middle School & High School Principals of Berrien County.

FEB. 27: Present to Covert School District Staff

APRIL TBD:  AMBER Alert Training